Response Planning throughout New Zealand

Response Planning was launched in 2004 by our team of senior practitioners with considerable knowledge, specialising in resource management and planning, plan making and strategy, plan changes, resource consents, decision making, consultation and community engagement.

Response Planning is the realised vision of a director-led company. This means our first-rate consultancy services, experience and expertise is offered direct to you from some of the most qualified and experienced people in the industry today, and we are the same people that drive this business, upholding strict values of service, relationships, reputation and results.

In short, our company is owned by the people who work in it.

As a Director-led company we drive the work in the way we think is best. We choose which projects we work on, giving us the edge of being highly dedicated to seeing each project through with deliberate, focused action.

We have developed valuable trust and mutual-respect relationships with colleagues and other professionals, and our valued reputation also extends to the Council where we are regularly asked to be involved in council decisions, being accredited and qualified to do so. Individually we hold the ‘Chairing’ endorsement, enabing us to sit as sole commissioner or chair a hearings panel.

We have extensive combined experience both as a part of chair of hearings panels for a variety of local authorities and having taken on the role of sole commissioner. In addition we have ourselves conducted hearings where decisions are made on everything from resource management matters to reading and community designations, land re-zoning, and multiple resource consent applications for educational facilities, commercial complexes and supermarkets to name a few.

This experience of being directly involved in hearings, conducting hearings and being sole commissioner has provided us with invaluable insight into the processes of decision making and the level of preparation and professionalism required to successfully present a project for optimum outcome. Though we cannot both submit projects and make decisions on them, which would not be ethical, our experience of being involved in ALL steps of the process is what makes us the team to talk to.

Contact us for an appointment today, and know you will be dealing with the leading professionals direct.

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