Response Planning Projects

Natural Resources

Now, more than ever before, the use and management of New Zealand natural resources is a critical issue. As planners, we are constantly shaping how people interact with the natural environment and the effects we have on these resources. We utilise our significant expertise alongside our wide network of specialist consultants in the field to ensure that New Zealand’s natural resources are managed for generations to come.

The Built Environment

Conflict is inevitable whenever there is change. It is our business to ensure that changes to the built environment help communities develop in positive ways. We help shape physical resources that add value to the communities in which they are a part.

Strategy and Research

Without a detailed and reliable understanding of all the issues at hand and a strategy to achieve your end results, planning can be a wasted exercise. We offer experienced and knowledgeable planning and researching skills to help businesses and organisations achieve their goals.

Local Government

Resource planning is a complex process that requires the careful consideration and management of all stakeholders involved in any one project. Our combined knowledge and understanding of planning practice, policy and stakeholders’ requirements gives us the confidence to ensure you get the outcomes you are aiming to achieve.

Consultation and Facilitation

As urban and rural complexity increases – so too do our expectations of the environments in which we live and work. We believe when people are engaged on planning and resource issues the consultation must enable them to effectively participate.

Hearing Commissions

Conducting hearings and deciding on resource management matters is an important responsibility. Recognising our experience and expertise, it is a role we relish. All three directors are accredited under the Ministry for the Environment 'Making Good Decisions' program to conduct hearings and determine resource management matters on behalf of local authorities. We all hold the 'Chairing' endorsement, enabling us to sit as a sole commissioner or chair a hearings panel independently.